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Pole Your Own Way: Navigating the Teaching Expectation in Pole

Pole instructor teaching a students how to invert, the teacher is spotting the student and the pole is pink

In the amazing and versatile world of pole dancing, the journey often includes a crossroads— the expectation of teaching. It can feel like a rite of passage, a natural step once you've reached a certain skill level. The expectation might suggest that being fantastic at pole automatically translates into being a great instructor. However, at Body & Movement Collective, we challenge this notion.

Breaking the Myth

Reaching a high level of proficiency in pole dancing doesn't guarantee you'll excel as an instructor. Teaching involves a unique set of skills beyond executing advanced pole moves. Having the title of an instructor doesn't automatically elevate your status as a pole dancer either. We believe it's crucial to acknowledge and embrace this distinction.

Teaching Involves More Than Pole Skills

Being an exceptional pole dancer doesn't automatically make you a great teacher. The role demands effective communication, understanding individual learning styles, and adapting to your students' needs. It's an art that goes beyond showcasing impressive pole tricks.

Your Journey, Your Choice

At Body & Movement Collective, we celebrate diversity in pole journeys. It's perfectly acceptable if teaching isn't your aspiration. Keeping pole as your enjoyable escape without the pressure of transforming it into a job is a valid choice. Whether you're working full-time or simply want to focus on your personal practice, there's no need to succumb to external expectations.

Pole Your Way

Our philosophy is simple—pole your own way. Your journey is unique, and it's essential to honor your preferences.

Body & Movement Co is here to support you, whether you're a seasoned dancer or just starting.

If you're ready to explore your individual pole experience, reach out to us with any questions via DM (@thepoledr) on instagram, or via email ( or book an appointment with one of our amazing team members.

Let's embark on your pole journey together, elevating it to new heights! 💜🌟


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