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Here at Body & Movement Collective we do chiropractic differently. 

Every session is entirely individualised and one on one, focusing on long term health outcomes not just quick fixes. 

What to expect

Your chiropractic journey

Our approach involves a suite of options tailored precisely to your individual needs. We meticulously select each modality & exercise, aligning them with your treatment preferences, learning style and movement experience, to ensure the most effective & personalised care possible. These include a mixture of manual therapy: dry needling, soft tissue work, adjustments and mobilisations and more, as well as rehab exercises and movement work so you leave better than you came in!
Each session w
ill always include education on your diagnosis, body and movement and ways to help improve your presenting issue, leaving you feeling understood and empowered.

What we treat

Injuries, pain/stiffness reduction and movement optimisation

Pole & aerial specific treatment 

Musculoskeletal care
Neck and back pain
Shoulder issues, elbow/forearm pain & wrist injuries
Hips, knees & ankles
Headaches & migraines
Sporting injuries
Arthritis-related pain
Muscle strains
Joint sprains
Mobility issues & flexibility concerns
Musculoskeletal pain during pregnancy
Whiplash & motor vehicle accident injuries
Sciatica, nerve-related pain, and more

How to work with us

Book an appointment via the link below and let us help you on your journey out of pain and into an optimal version of yourself.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to our team via email, instagram or phone

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