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Personal training

Here at Body and Movement Collective we do PT differently. 

Every session is entirely individualised and delivered in our boutique Croydon gym. We focus on increasing your performance & helping you to reach your goals through empathetic, encouraging training. 

What to expect

Personal training in our boutique Croydon gym

At Body & Movement Collective discover a personalised and effective approach to personal training, through our 1:1 and small group sessions in Croydon.
In our 1:1 coaching sessions, the possibilities are limitless. Each individual stepping onto our training floor receives a customised program tailored to their unique needs & goals, making you feel comfortable and supported.
Our small group sessions, accommodating 3 people at a time, maintain the personalised touch.
We understand that not everyone enjoys a commercial gym setting, and that’s why at Body & Movement Collective, we provide a welcoming environment in a deliberately small boutique gym to help you feel at ease. Specialising in strength and conditioning programs for aerial disciplines like pole, aerials, and circus arts, we, being aerial athletes ourselves, understand the specific demands these activities place on the body.
Join us for a personalised fitness journey in our welcoming boutique gym.

How to work with us

Book an appointment via the link below and let us help you on your journey out to an optimal version of yourself - whatever that looks like for you.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to our team via email, instagram or phone

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