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pole dancer doing an airwalk

Everything a pole dancer/aerialist could need under one roof (or online)!

Welcome to Body & Movement Collective, where multi-disciplinary health care and cross-training dance hand in hand with pole, aerials, circus, flexibility and acrobatics.

At Body & Movement Collective, we understand the unique world of pole and aerial arts from the inside out. We know that injuries aren’t just physical setbacks; they’re barriers to your passion and progress. Our team, comprised of pole dance and aerial athletes and instructors, offers specialised assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation services designed to support the injury recovery, flexibility and strength vital for our sports.
We’re here to keep you doing what you love and help you overcome obstacles to success, through comprehensive injury treatment/prevention, movement screening, and tailored personal training programs.

Our PT sessions, (POLE)latés, splits & group PT classes focus on the essential components necessary for peak performance. 
From beginners to professional competitors, instructors, and studio owners worldwide, Body & Movement Collective treats and trains individuals at every level. 

Have you ever felt misunderstood by health professionals who don’t grasp the demands of what you do? Been told you’re “all better” yet find yourself unable to train pain-free? Or have you faced the disheartening advice to “just stop” pursuing what ignites your passion?
These challenges can feel isolating, but at Body & Movement Collective, we stand ready to bridge that gap. With a team deeply rooted in the pole and aerial arts community, we understand not just the physicality of what you do, but the heart of it too. 

Whether you’re battling frustration from not being fully understood, seeking to return to training without pain, or you’re driven to master that elusive move, improve your recovery, or optimise your body for peak performance, we’re here to support you every step of the way.
Why not book an appointment with us?

Together, we can shift from merely managing your concerns to revolutionising your performance in pole and aerials. Let’s not just aim for recovery; let’s aim for transformation, enabling you to soar higher and perform stronger in your pole and aerials journey.

Injury diagnosis and treatment

Chiropractic care tailored for all pole and aerial-related injuries, including but not limited to sprains and strains, shoulder, hamstring, hip, wrist, back, and neck issues. This service may include dry needling, soft tissue work, and rehab exercises.


Remedial Massage

Our expert therapist provides assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation for a variety of musculoskeletal pain and conditions, including but not limited to all those pole specific injuries such as shoulder pain and hamstring strains.


Personal training and strength and conditioning

Nailing your pole and aerials moves isn’t all about what happens on your apparatus. In fact, cross training is the best way to get strong whilst also ensuring you remain injury free. Our personal training and strength and conditioning classes and one on one sessions are all individualised to your body and your personal goals.


Hanging and shoulder engagement analysis and coaching

Precise muscle usage and engagement analysis, coupled with cueing, drills, and strengthening exercises to get you using the right muscles in the most efficient way


Injury prevention screenings specific to overhead athletes

Specialised screening, assessment, and exercise prescription tailored to your discipline, including treatment if needed.


Online gym/home programming

Specialised screening, assessment, and exercise prescription tailored to your discipline, including treatment if needed.Personalised online programming with regular check-ins and a goal-specific plan. Tailored to trick, body area, flexibility, or cross-training goals, the exercises and warm-up videos are delivered weekly/fortnightly through our app, considering your session frequency, available equipment, and progress.


POLElatés: Pilates designed for Pole Dancers and Aerialists

Immerse yourself in Pilates designed for your unique needs, enhancing body awareness, precision of movement & fluidity, whilst gaining strength and flexibility in your end range. These private sessions are personalised to your body and your personal goals.


Flexibility screening and plans

Targeted assessment, education and customised exercise prescription to safely enhance flexibility. This will help you with all those amazing active aerial split moves and epic tricks.

Get in Touch

We're here to help. If you have any questions you can reach out to us on instagram @thepoledr, email us or call us.

Alternatively you can book online via the link below. 

We can't wait to help you on your journey 

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